Innovation and Collaboration

Foster technology innovation and collaboration with campus and externally.

OIT is always looking for opportunities to work with campus and system-wide stakeholders, leveraging a wide pool of technical talent and creativity.

OIT continues to work with the system-wide project to implement UCPath, including technical oversight, implementation, integration, data conversion, reporting, and testing in UCI's environment. 

Milestones this year include testing identity management and authorization (KSAMS), updating UCI systems (electronic document management, Zotmail, Academic Personnel) to work with UCPath.

We explored use of UC Recruit for staff waivers and exemptions, explored expansion of UC Recruit to non-UC organizations, and launched UC Recruit for UC ANR and provided initial training.  We provided data from Recruit for an NSF research project on faculty recruitment and partnered with UCOP in using Recruit data for their Advancing Faculty Diversity project.

UC Wide Projects

We engaged in several projects with other campuses, including SDSC's data center information system.  UCI staff served as co-coordinator on the UC AWS security focus group, co-chaired the UC Business Intelligence Collaboration Group, and chaired the system-wide Education Technology Leadership Committee.

OIT worked with the School IT Directors, coordinating and integrating campus IT efforts, and providing new commodity services to schools, such as Windows services, software needs, and reporting to improve coordination among Purchasing, OIT, and vendors.

We migrated software & hardware information pages for easier customer use.  We oversaw UCI's adoption of Zoom and rolled out Microsoft Groups, Teams, and To-Do to UCI's Office365 community.

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