OIT Activity Summary

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) at UC Irvine is responsible for providing support and technical partnership across a broad range of IT domains.

The following report covers the period of fiscal year 2017-18, highlighting a subset of initiatives OIT is involved in working with partners on and off campus. Significant change has occurred during the reporting period, both internal and external to OIT.

At a high level, OIT's activities include but are not limited to:

  • Infrastructure (examples: network and telephone services)
  • Education (examples: classroom technology and learning management systems)
  • Research (example: high-performance computing and research data storage)
  • Enterprise Systems (examples: admissions, HR, accounting)
  • Central Services (examples: data warehouse, electronic document management)
  • Client Services (examples: help desk and desktop support.)

Key Initiatives

OIT pursues five over-arching, strategic priorities as follows:

  1. Build out and maintain scalable IT infrastructure and services.
  2. Support academic goals through educational and research computing initiatives and services.
  3. Partner with functional units to implement enterprise and unit based applications.
  4. Evolve as an enterprise IT organization through continual improvement.
  5. Foster technology innovation and collaboration with campus and externally.