Scalable IT

Build out and maintain scalable IT infrastructure and services.

The idea of "Scalable IT Infrastructure" is twofold.  OIT wants its services to be available and responsive

Availability includes resilience against failures (equipment failure or disruptive events such as natural disasters), and responsiveness means the ability to provide quality service as demand loads shift.

We have made considerable progress this year setting up failover services at SDSC and Amazon for key applications (Recruit, FileNet, and others).  We have undertaken exercises to simulate and test our planned response to disasters.

IT Security also plays a big role in reliability of our services.  We have implemented and promoted multifactor authentication (Duo) for FileNet, WebAuth, and Office 365 (among others).  We have strengthened campus border protections and have scanned the campus for security vulnerabilities, decommissioning high-risk systems.  We have moved key services (such as the Student Housing servers) to the secure environment of the OIT Data Center.

We have also made many strides toward decommissioning outdated and high-cost systems, consolidating tools and infrastructure, and making use of virtualization and cloud services to leverage our resources, enabling more robust and higher performance service while controlling costs. 

We have made significant progress transitioning from UCI’s 20+ year old homegrown learning management system, EEE, to a more sustainable, secure combination of services including Instructure’s Canvas and modular applications built in-house to meet unique campus needs.

Finally, new projects now include accessibility as a requirement and we have implemented SiteImprove to improve the accessibility of our existing web sites.